This is a real exciting time to be a Kiwi gambler. About 40 super online casinos are poised to enter the market, brining along the best in online casino entertainment. All the best casino games will be offered. To see the best online casinos sporting the best online games from the best online game developers in the world, see here: { }

How do I identify the best online casino?

Online casino players in New Zealand will have the enviable task to be able to check out the latest, safest online casinos that European operators have to offer. But what criteria should they look at as, prima facie, all online casinos seem to be created equally, offer the same games, bonuses and non-sensical wagering requirements attached to those bonuses. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Casino license and certification
  2. Game provider credentials
  3. Game variety and quality
  4. Payment methods and withdrawal terms
  5. Casino security and support

For a player to start evaluating an online casino on the factors based in the above list, a very good place to start is to see whether the casino offers that play of its games without the need for signup or deposit and simply to start playing. This can be the start to simulate an actual player journey with the casino.


What about licensing?

A main factor to see whether a casino has legit intentions towards its players is to look for evidence of effort gone through to obtain and retain a casino license. Not all licenses are equal in stature. Look for licenses from more authoritative and known jurisdictions such as Malta. These licenses ensure that the casino ticked all the boxes to offer legitimate operations.

Likewise, the legitimacy of a casino's game providers needs to be checked and verified. If the game providers are licensed and display these with prominent game information publicly then there is a better change that your gameplay will be protected. Also look at signs that the random number generator code is vetted and audited periodically to ensure that fair-play is upheld.

How is game variety and quality important?

The variety of game providers to the casino is important as this displays to the New Zealand player that the casino is hell-bent on sourcing and providing the best casino game entertainment. The casino's games are the reason that it is in business as this is the reason for players to be attracted to the casino in the first place - even more so than bonuses.

Similarly the variety and quality of games is important as casino players have very different personal tastes. The themes of the games should be varied enough for the player to be able to choose one that suits his gameplay style. These games must also be evaluated on the bonus features on offer as this increases the entertainment value and allows a more immersive gaming experience.

What about payment methods?

The casino's payment method selection is important as casino players need to be able to very easily deposit and withdraw funds into and from their casino bankroll accounts. The most popular payment methods preferred by players in New Zealand need to be supported so that the player experience is seamless from start to finish. Some supported payment methods should include the following as a minimum.

  • MasterCard is most preferred in New Zealand
  • POLi - real-time bank transfer service
  • Payment Express Account2Account
  • E-wallets (like Masterpass or PayPal)

The casino's withdrawal process needs to be quick and effortless. This is, after wagering requirements, the source of the most disputed raised with the online casino's support channels. Ideally, a player should be able to make a withdrawal back to the same payment method that he used to deposit with the casino. A good place to interrogate these processes is to dig in the payment terms and conditions.

What about the casino support?

The online casino's player support staff is the front desk of the online casino. These staff need to be responsive and knowledgeable while remaining friendly and empathetic to the plight of the player. All typical online support channels should be offered starting with a floating chat icon on all the casino site's pages, both on mobile and on desktop. As a backup email and telephone should also be offered.

Hopefully this list of factors will help the New Zealand player vet the new online casinos that will be taking over the local online gambling market. Always start with playing the games for free and the rest of the interactions will follow. A safe, secure, fair and legitimate casino will also for a profitable and entertaining long-term relationship with your favourite casino.

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